Tuesday, 1 May 2012

SMC: Appeal for Dhamma Volunteers

Rare Opportunity   for Dhamma Volunteers (Food preparation)
In order to conduct regular retreat in coming months, SMC is seeking Dhamma volunteers' help to perform the following duties:

- Cooking and preparing food for all Sangha and yogis
- Catering or packing food from outside when necessary
- Laying out the tables & food 
- Allocating seats and offering to Sangha and yogis.
- Cleaning and tidying up the dining area and kitchen.

You may participate to do such meritorious work dana for either breakfast or lunch, individually or in a group.
There may be around 8 to 10 full time yogis at breakfast. And around 25 day-yogis at lunch time. 

Retreat Days: As scheduled. (mostly on weekend)
Breakfast serving time: 6:30am
Lunch serving time: 11.15am

For more information:
Email to : sati_patthana@yahoo.com.sg

Kindly forward this message to all your Dhamma friends. Please find attached information in Burmese. May you be healthy & happy Burmese New Year!

Sadhu... Sadhu...  Sadhu for all your kind work Dana!
With Metta,

SMC Retreat Organising Committee
Satipatthana Meditation Centre
P.S. You are invited to join the Group Meditation on every Sunday (9.30am - 6.30pm) at SMC.


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