Tuesday, 3 September 2013


1.     Thursdays:  Meditation & Dhamma talk (in English): 7.30 – 9pm
       Sundays:  Meditation & Dhamma talk (in Burmese): 7.30 – 9pm

2.     Group Meditation Sessions:  1, 8, 5, 22 & 29 Sept (Sun), 9.30 am – 6.30 pm
       Group meditation will be conducted on every Sunday of the month from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm.  Lunch will be provided for all yogis. Attendance is by registration only. Yogis have to register by Friday every week.  To register, sms or call Saw Lai Sein 98520817 or Kyaw Han 96199540.
Sponsors for lunch dana and maintenance expenses, as well as Dhamma volunteers, are most welcome.   Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

3.    Meditation for Beginners (English): 8 sessions,Saturdays, 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm on 24, 31 Aug; 7, 14, 21, 28 Sept; 5, 12 Oct 2013
Vipassana meditation is an awareness meditation. It teaches you to be with the present moment, to live in the present moment. Through this practice, one can purify one’s mind of mental defilements of greed, hatred and delusion, overcome sorrow, lamentation, pain and grief, as well as to cope better with the stress of daily living.
       Meditation classes for beginners will be conducted in English by Sayadaw U Rajinda every Saturday for 8 weeks from 24 August to 12 Oct 2013 at 7.30 pm. 
The course is free. 
       Course outline is as follows:
            Basic instructions on walking & sitting meditation
Four Foundations of Mindfulness (Vipassana Meditation)
      -   Contemplation of the Body (Kayanupassana)   
             -   Contemplation of the Feelings (Vedanupassana)
              -   Contemplation of the Mind (Cittanupassana)
              -   Contemplation of the Mental Objects (Dhammanupassana)
Class :   Meditation for Beginners
Date :    Saturdays, 24 August – 12 Oct 2013
Time:    7.30 pm - 9.30 pm

4.    Sutta Discussions : every Friday from 16 Aug till Oct, 8.00 – 9.15 pm
A series of Sutta discussions (in English) will be conducted by Sayadaw U Sajjanalankara (Dvipitakadhara) as follows:
Topic: Sampasadaniya Sutta  (Mahavagga Pali)
(Inspiring proclamation on the virtues of the Buddha by Venerable Sariputta)
Date :   Fridays, 16 Aug till Oct 2013
Time:    8 pm - 9.15 pm at SMC
   Do not miss this opportunity to learn the Dhamma. 
In the coming Fridays of August, there will be Sutta-study sessions to be conducted by Venerable Sayadaw Ashin Sajjana.The name of discourse is "Sampasadaniya Sutta" which is one of long Suttas in Mahāvagga Pāli, Suttanta Pitaka. The word "Sampasadaniya" means well-inspired and worth well inspiring.  The name itself evokes feelings of inspiration and joy. It is a series of  bold statements said by Venerable Sariputta to the Lord Buddha in a very specially candid manner. The words are factual truths regarding the supreme nature of a Buddha, which he himself  had witnessed and experienced not only through long-term contact of him with perfectly enlightened Buddha, but also through his own profound wisdom and unshaken conviction.  All the words in his statements are about astounding explanations on amazing facts of  life as an empirical experience and a theatre of an interplay between mind and body and matter and energy in this restless universe called an individual being everything around it. 
Being himself second senior person in the hierarchy of Buddha's disciples, Venerable Sāriputta has made his simple but profound yet well-analyzed statements on all outstanding aspects of Buddhist teachings.  Here are some of aspects he touched upon with his profound wisdom:
 (a) A complete categorization of spiritual qualities recognized as wholesome which can lead to purity, enlightenment and enduring peace.
 (b) the base of interaction of human consciousness
 (c) types of conception in a new phase of rebirth
 (d) the mode of transmission of knowledge
 (e) Initial development of mental progress in a basic practice
 (f) classification of beings in spiritual progress
 (g) Gradual development of spiritual qualities
 (h) Types of spiritual path depending on the nature of progress being made 
 (i) The role model habits and patterns of an ideal person on the spiritual path
 (j) How Buddha can clearly foresee outcome of  his teaching to individual
 (k) An analysis on all pervasive view of eternalism among all spiritual thinkers.
These and other salient aspects of various human ideas, concepts and practical path will be shared as described in Sutta.
You are cordially invited to come and join in this enriching Sutta study class.

5.    Uposatha Observance of 9 Precepts cum Retreat: 23 Jul - 19 Oct 2013 at 9.30 am
       Uposatha observance days will be conducted at the centre during vassa period.  We are pleased to invite lay devotees who wish to take 3 Refuges and observe 9 Precepts on new moon, 1st quarter, full moon & last quarter.  The sessions will be conducted in Burmese.
9.30 am           Taking 3 Refuges & 9 Precepts
                        Meditation (optional)
11 am              Lunch (provided)
                        Meditation (optional)
Uposatha Observance Days:
   New Moon
First Quarter
Full Moon
Last Quarter
 23 Jul (Tues)
30 Jul (Tues)
6 Aug (Tues)
14 Aug (Weds)
21 Aug (Weds)
29 Aug (Thurs)
4 Sept (Weds)
12 Sept (Thurs)
19 Sept (Thurs)
27 Sept (Fri)
4 Oct (Fri)
12 Oct (Sat)
19 Oct (Sat)

6.   Pindapata (alms food offering): 29 Sept 2013, Sunday,  9 am
    at Chong Pang Market, Yishun Ring Road

7.     SMC 9th Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony on 27 Oct, Sunday, 9 am
Venue: HDB shelter Block 350, Canberra Road (opp Sembawang MRT) 
 Please click here for Kathina Poster!!!
Weekly Activities :
Thursday, 7.30 pm
Meditation & Dhamma Talk (English)
Sunday, 9.30 am – 6.30 pm
Group Meditation & Observance of 9 Precepts
Sunday, 7.30 pm
Meditation & Dhamma Talk (Burmese)

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