Friday, 6 October 2017


1.       Group Meditation Sessions:  1, 8, 22 & 29 Oct 2017 (Sun), 9.30 am – 6.30 pm

2.       Uposatha Observance of 9 Precepts cum Retreat: 20,28 Sept, 5 Oct 2017 at 10 am

3.       SMC 13th Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony on 15 Oct, Sunday, 9 am

4.      Venue: HDB shelter Block 350, Canberra Road (opp Sembawang MRT)

We are happy to invite you to our 13th Kathina Robe Offering Ceremony on 15 October 2017, Sunday at 9 am.  Our meditation teacher and advisor, Sayadaw U Rajinda and Bhante Mettananda are currently residing at SMC for the three-month vassa period.  The ceremony will be held at the HDB shelter, Block 350, Canberra Road (opposite Sembawang MRT station – exit Entrance C).  Devotees who wish to offer Kathina robes and requisites to the Sangha are welcome to participate in this meritorious offering ceremony.  Robes will be available for offering at the shelter.

5.       Programme on 15 Oct 2017 (Sun)  
8.45 am:       All sponsors to be seated
9 am :            The Venerable Sangha take their seats
Taking of 5 precepts by the devotees
Offering of Kathina robes and requisites by the main sponsor followed by devotees
Dhamma Talk
Sharing of Merits
11 am             End of Ceremony
Sanghika lunch dana at the centre
Lunch for all devotees at HDB shelter, Block 350

For those who are driving, we would appreciate if you could park your car at the multi-storey car park, Block 351, Canberra Road.
Thank you for your co-operation.

6.       Pindapata (alms food offering): 29 Oct 2017, Sunday, 9 am – 9.15 am
at Chong Pang Market, Yishun Ring Road

7.       Upcoming Activities in November 2017 : Nov 28 to Dec 2 2017
Youth Meditation Retreat:  

Satipatthana Meditation Centre (SMC) is inviting young adults to join Special Youth Meditation Retreat Programme. This retreat is specially conducted for young adults to gain the essence of true Buddhist teachings. Mentorship program will be added to help youth yogis.

Date: 28 Nov(Tues) – 2 Dec (Sat) 2017
Time: 9:30am - 6:00pm at SMC  (day retreat)
Age limit: 12 - 20 (younger ones will be considered if they are keen)
Teachers: Sayadaw U Rajinda, Sayadaw U Sajjanalankara, Sayadaw U Mandala
Precept observed: 8 Right Livelihood precepts combined with Loving Kindness.
Language: English (Burmese upon request)
Lunch and afternoon refreshment will be provided.
Priority will be given to those yogis who are able to practise all 5 days.
Closing date: 15 Nov or earlier (subject to availability)
For more information:  Myint Myint Aung (82889117)
We welcome you to join us in our activities at SMC.  
8.      Birthday Celebration:   26 Nov 2017, Sunday, 10 am
We invite all devotees to join us in the birthday celebration of our Religious Advisor, Sayadaw U Rajinda on 26 Nov, Sunday morning at 10 am.

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